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I’ve always had an interest in exercise, but had become pretty lazy and sedentary. I really felt like for the first time in my life, I had let myself go. When I found out that I was pregnant, I began walking and trying to eat a plant based, whole foods diet. I made some good progress, shedding the couch potato pounds I’d seemed to have put on. Because I was so dedicated to becoming healthy again, I didn’t gain much weight while pregnant. As I was losing fat, I was gaining “baby”, so it seemed to have evened out. About 2 months after having my son, I was introduced to Fit4Mom by another brand new first time mom. That’s where everything began to change and I blossomed, not only in my fitness but in motherhood as well. I started going to Stroller Strides in February 2016 and instantly found where I knew I needed to be. The other moms were so wonderful and many of them were, like me, first time mothers with babies around the same age, who were finding their way. I noticed my weight loss continuing to progress and I even started to see muscle definition.

In September, 2016, Lori...


If you've seen me in the last few weeks - I've probably mentioned my Fit4Mom New Tampa - Body Back weight loss journey. Well the final weigh in was on Monday, and I am floored by my results. After 8 weeks of 5:30am work outs, exercising every day, and completely changing my eating habits - I have lost 20 pounds, over 15 inches, and 2 pants sizes!

I could not have done this without Zach Niebauer's support of my learning to cook and early morning workouts. Jenni Bustamante Crafton thank you for your motivation, instruction and friendship - you have built an amazing community of moms! To any of my mom friends who are looking for a exercise program, the Body Back Workout is amazing. Its hard, it takes real change in the way you think about food and exercise, but it is so worth it.


Dawn has been doing Stroller Strides with me for almost three years now. I love having her and her little ones in class every Tuesday!

Last Fall Dawn made a choice to change! She started doing Body Back and our 5K Training.

The changes she has made in the last year have been amazing! I am beyond pround of her! She inspires me and I know her fight will inspire you too!

"I have been on and off diets since I was12 years old.

The most successful I had been was with an organized weight loss program which no longer exist (there is a reason). I lost 50 pounds, gained an eating disorder, recovered from said eating disorder and gained back most of the weight.

I swore that I would not put myself in that position again; I would not obsess about my weight to the point of unhealthiness again.

For a while that worked for me, the scale would go up and down with the seasons or the stress level of that particular year but I would deal with it.

I wasn’t at my comfortable weight but I wasn’t considerably uncomfortable either.


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My best friend in the whole world called my the other day with a problem. Of course at first I was concerned there was something terribly wrong with her or her kids. Gratefully it was nothing of the sort. She was stuck in a RUT! A fitness rut!

“I don't understand what is wrong with me. I run three miles every morning. I thought I was doing the right thing (and don’t get me wrong, running three miles every day is MUCH better than staying parked on the couch), but I am not seeing the change in my body that I so want.”

I am so grateful that this is actually something I can help her with, lord knows she has always been there to help me!

After digging in a little deeper I found out more of where the problem lies.

“I know I am in decent shape and I know my heart is healthy, but I am not getting stronger, I am not getting faster, and I am not getting the toned muscles that I would liked to see.”

The answer lies in those three miles, the same three miles at the same pace everyday.

That is when I introduced my friend to interval training....

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One of the biggest trends in the fitness industry right now is the bootcamp-style class. In a bootcamp class, a large group of people meet with a trainer, usually outdoors rather than inside a health club or gym, and workout for an hour. The trainer usually leads the participants in exercises designed to get them into better shape and works with them over a span of 4-8 weeks.

Now that actually does sound a lot like what Body Back is all about. We meet twice a week for 6-8 weeks, often outside (if weather permits), and our instructors work hard to help their participants make huge strides in their fitness. But there are MANY things Body Back offers that the typical bootcamp does not.

1) Smaller Group = More Individualized Attention

Some local bootcamps allow up to 50 people per session, but a Body Back class may have as little as 5. It will never have more than 12 participants. That means you are getting much more attention from your trainer than you would in a larger group even though you are paying a similar price for the session.



Myth 10: I can't go because it is during my baby's nap time.

I fell prey to this when my first was a baby. I'd feed him breakfast, he'd nap, he'd wake and then it was lunch time, after I got lunch cleaned up, he'd nap again, then it was time to start dinner. I was a prisoner in my own home! Mommies need interaction. Trust me, your baby will adapt, he/she might even surprise you and take a nap in the stroller during class. Mine did!

Myth 9: I can't get a good workout at the mall.

Trust me, you can! Talk to Stroller Strides moms or, better yet, come check it out yourself. Your legs and arms will burn and you'll break a sweat.

Myth 8: I'd be too embarrassed to workout at the mall.

Here's the good thing - the only other people there are mall walking, so they are getting their exercise, too! We meet before the stores open.

Myth 7: I don't know anyone there and would feel awkward.

Again, the best way to see that this is not true is to come try it! It is a very welcoming group of women and I would bet you will form a...